The boots worked out perfectly. They were so comfortable, warm and amazingly dry—even stepping ankle-deep into freezing Arctic waters! Our voyage was filled with exciting sightings including a polar bear mom and two cubs, walrus, reindeer, blue whales and arctic fox and exploring this incredibly special part of the planet was a dream come true. Thank you for making it so easy to gear up for this fantastic adventure.

Do you know that you are the nicest person on earth? I am so sorry to have caused you time and work. Thank you so much for doing this all for me. People like you surely make our world a better place.

Just returning from my third trip working as a video chronicler for Lindblad Expeditions / National Geographic in Antarctica. Ship to Shore Traveler painlessly outfits a good percentage of the ship for a hassle free and appropriately equipped Antarctic expedition that saves vital suitcase weight and space for other invaluable items such as camera equipment. Knowing the equipment you need will be awaiting you on board and the peace of mind you'll have warm, dry feet each time you embark on a zodiac beach landing certainly eased the planning for this recent trip. Thank you Ship to Shore Traveler for all you do to outfit expeditions.

You've helped me with getting my boots to me on time regarding the trip. I wanted to let you know that the boots arrived and I've tried the on. I'm wearing them now and they fit perfectly. I'm taking them with me and I will follow your instructions when I'm finished using them. I want to thank you very much for your service. I really feel that you personally extended an extra effort to get this done and I really appreciate that.

Shore Traveler has offered ongoing support by providing expedition gear to the wonderful teachers who participate in the Grosvenor Teacher Fellow (GTF) Program. The program is a professional development opportunity for Pre-K-12 educators made possible by a partnership between Lindblad Expeditions and the National Geographic society. Participants are hosted aboard Lindblad Expeditions’ voyages for a life-changing, field-based experience!